Roofing Repair Services

Here’s a list of service we’re able to provide in the Poole and surrounding areas:

  • New Roof Construction
  • Roof Repairs
  • Flashing & Lead Work
  • Roof Reconstruction
  • Extensions
  • Slate & Tile Roofing
  • Leak Repairs Emergency & Everyday
  • Roof Cleaning
  • Battens
  • Apex
  • Ridge Tiles
  • Repointing, Removal, & Repairs On Chimneys
  • Window Installation
  • Loft Insulation
  • Guttering Repairs & Replacements
  • Soffit, Cladding, & Fascias
  • Flexible No Obligation Quotes at a Time To Suit You
  • Much More..

If you still can’t find the service you’re looking for don’t give up on us just yet. Call and speak to an experienced professional today and we’ll point you in the right direction. We’ll answer any of your questions and make sure you’re greeted with the highest level of customer service possible.

Best Roofing contractors

If you like what you hear and we can provide the service you’re looking for then we can look to book you in for a free no-obligation quote from one of our professional roofing specialists.

Call now and speak to us about the projects you’d like to complete in and around the house today! Whether big or small, commercial or residential we’ll take on all work and get to complete it sooner than other roofing services you may have used in the past.

Roofing services, roof repairs, cleaning, moss removal, tiles, ridge tiles, flashing, cladding, extensions, chimney repairs, slate roof repairs, guttering, battens, membranes.

Not Just A Roofing Service

Don’t wait around months for a quote from other companies to call us directly and see how fast we are able to get things moving towards our customers being roof, chimney, gutter, and even loft insulation problem free. Friendly local team.

Available from early in the morning to late at night especially to answer questions. Our mantra is all about openness and transparency. We’ll never leave you in the dark in regards to anything. Price, timescale, potential problems.

We’ll be open and honest and work through issues as they arise to make sure that your roofing experience with Roofing company Poole is as cost effective as possible.

Roofing repairs and replacement roof


Our roof is one of the most important parts of your home, which suggests that you want to make sure that only the simplest people are working on it. When talking to potential roofers, ask them about their credentials and certifications.

Make sure you hire competent people who have the skills to copy their work. There is an endless number of roofing contractors to settle from. Read on for some of our most recommended guidelines designed to help you narrow down your search and hire the right roofing company to meet your needs.

Maybe this is a way for you to really research and find the right roofing contractor. First of all, you need to narrow your search as much as possible. You can’t just search for roofing contractors in general. If you live in Michigan, you will need to be specific about your location.

Roofing contractor

Finding roofers in Poole, for example, will provide you with contact information for roofers bordering that specific area. As you will understand, the list is going to be much smaller. This way, you won’t be overwhelmed with the amount of data and it will certainly be much easier for you to manage and choose the right people.

The first thing you want to look like is the experience. You will want to hire a contractor or contracting company who will have tons of experience in the field. Hiring a new person will not guarantee this, they will be ready to provide you with the appropriate services.

Before hiring a roofer, have an in-depth conversation with them. As you describe your roofing issues, confirm that they are responding intelligently and confidently. Do they already have solutions in mind? Do they know the problem? Can they explain how they decide to solve it in a clear way?


It is easy for the typical person to be confused when he is trying to find the difference between a roofing contractor with a license or a diploma.

In practice, roofing contractors can be both licensed and accredited, but licensing and licensing are not synonymous: licensing refers to the process of obtaining permission from the competent authorities to operate or undertake projects in a geographic area, usually a township, county or state.

Accreditation refers to obtaining identifying information or certificates from reputable issuing bodies (often manufacturers). These titles / certificates are issued to roofing contractors or companies after successful completion of specialized courses or training programs

Roofing work

Accreditation can be a statement attesting to the knowledge and expertise of a roofing contractor or company. Simply put, license means “permission” and accreditation stands for “competence”.

When it comes to roofing work, there are always unlicensed DIY enthusiasts offering their services, often at a cost much lower than a licensed roofing contractor would indicate.

However, you usually get what you buy. By hiring a low cost, unlicensed contractor, you are forgoing many of the benefits of choosing a licensed roofing contractor, and it can even cost you money in the long run.

Job done on your roof

So, once you see that a contractor is licensed, you automatically know that they know the latest best practices for roof installation, repair and maintenance, including all the rules for roofing. ‘Relevant authorization.

This means that they will get the job done on your roof the first time around. With an unlicensed roofer, you don’t have such a guarantee. Having a written contract gives you many important protections as a consumer.

Licensed roofers always provide written contracts detailing the scope of the project, the materials to be purchased, and therefore the work schedule, so you can keep the roofer at their word.


We operate in the Poole and Bournemouth area looking after all your roofing needs. All roof repairs undertaken.

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