Frequently Asked Questions

What Does A Roof Do?

A rooftop is the top covering of a structure, including all materials and developments important to help it on the dividers of the structure or on uprights; it gives security against downpour, day off, boundaries of temperature, and wind. A rooftop is a piece of the structure envelope. 


How Long Does A Slat Roof Last?

The lifespan of a slate roof is critical to its incentive according to property holders. All things considered, material can be costly. Record is one of only a handful scarcely any material choices that shouldn’t be supplanted inside an incredible range. In many situations, record shingles will last in any event 125 years and at times up to 200 years. 


How Long Does A Tiled Roof Last?

Solid tile rooftops regularly, most recent 50 years or more. Dirt tile or record tile rooftops are two of the best material frameworks and can last dependent upon 100 to 150 years or somewhere in the vicinity, particularly when joined with quality underlayment. And that is what our roofers Poole specialise in.



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